Sophia Cycles Video Essays

The SophiaCycles Video essays explore classical works, myths, fairy tales, operas, and poetry in an archetypal way. Using the theories of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Eric Neumann, Edward Edinger, Robert A. Johnson (among others), the essays offer a psychological understanding of the works that have contributed to the enlargement of human consciousness.  
The Mid-Life Crisis
The Eden Project
The Frog Prince
Pirate, Vampire, Beast
Oedipus Rex
Lorca & Duende
Bly & Human Shadow
The Ring Cycle  - An Analysis
The Bacchae
Das Reingold
The Oresteia
The Tinder Box/Inanna's Descent
Tristan and Isolde
Journey into the Underworld
The Odyssey 
Eternal Youth
Moby Dick
The Great White Bear