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Invocation features two warring academics in a debate that starts on the wrong foot, then quickly goes viral. Through a series of podcasts, Jungian oriented literature professor Carolina and Spanish cognitive scientist Alberto face off on the nature of dreams, the utility of romantic love, whether a frog must be kissed or flung, and other eclectic topics that ultimately pose the question: Can an open and honest dialogue between two people with very different perspectives lead to not only mutual understanding but love?

Invocation is available on Amazon worldwide and will soon be available to order from all fine bookstores.   []     []



“Enchanting . . . with all the scope and majesty of the operatic productions that inspired her, Gonzalez's tale of love, longing, and loss is a sweeping, romantic adventure.”  

--- Booklist 


In The Mapmaker’s Opera, Béa Gonzalez has created a world bursting at the seams with images and ideas, social history, revolutionary fervour, all informed by an overwhelming passion for preservation. This is a wonderfully vibrant tapestry, enveloping the reader with its richnes...

---Quill & Quire


Describing a novel such as The Mapmaker's Opera is as difficult as trying to capture the essence of a rainbow on film.

--Books in Canada


“Extraordinary. Cracking open Béa Gonzalez’s The Bitter Taste of Time is like plunging head first into a Goya painting.”

----The Globe and Mail


“Gonzalez's ability to create a strong sense of place and develop fascinating characters makes this book a gem.” 

----Edmonton Journal

“Sumptuous . . . Perfection lies in the details. With its top-flight storytelling and delicious prose, The Bitter Taste of Time leaves the sweet savour of a splendid piece of literature”

----The Vancouver Sun

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