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Two artists sit down to talk about a subject they are both passionate about—books and music. They also share their love of depth psychology and explore how it applies to the artistic process. From episode 9 on, Béa and Jay will be focusing on books you should read and why, music you should listen to and why, and the personal connections they have to the works mentioned. Join us if you love books, music, depth psychology and intriguing digressions!

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Jay Redelsperger was born and raised in rural Oklahoma and received his BA in psychology from the University of Oklahoma.  He moved to Northern California to attain his MA in Depth Psychology from Sonoma State University, where he developed as a singer/songwriter and investigated the relationship between his creative process, the unconscious and the process of individuation. He is currently continuing his work through his music, while also working in mental health and teaching college classes part-time.  You can find his music on YouTube and on all major music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

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Béa Gonzalez was born in Spain and immigrated to Canada as a child. She holds an M.A. in Literary and Historical Studies from the University of London, England.  Her two novels were published in Canada by HarperCollins and translated into several languages. Her second novel, The Mapmaker's Opera, was adapted into a musical by the Australian composer, Kevin Purcell, and was featured at the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Béa has been invited to speak at the Walrus Foundation, York University, Sheridan College, London House, UK, and De Nieuwe Universiteit in Amsterdam.  

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Current Episode

Episode Eighteen:

Episode 18 | Is  Doing Inner Work enough to Change Things? | Gatherings (

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The Value of Inner Work

Béa and Jay wrestle with the question of whether doing inner work is enough to change things in the external world as well. Does doing shadow work and wrestling with our inner demons rid the world sufficiently of the burdens we place on others---or do we have a duty to address the social problems of the day as well? If so, how does doing inner work help us in that regard? Books explored include those written by Keiron Le Grice, Richard Rohr, Dale Mathers, Herbert Barks, Robert A. Johnson and more. Musical artist Jay is listening to is Patti Smith. The song used in this episode is Jay's "Lead me to Gardens" recorded this year.


If you like Jay’s music, please visit his GoFundMe page where he is raising money to go back into the studio. Here is the link: Fundraiser by Jay Redelsperger : Fund my 2nd album. (

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