Sophia Cycles addresses the missing link in the world---feminine wisdom. This wisdom is holistic versus reductionist. It values connection.  It brings ideas together through the vehicles of storytelling, poetry, and myth.  We are the stories we tell, both personally and collectively.  Which ones call out to you?

New Offerings


Béa Gonzalez's new novel, Invocation, features two dueling academics in a debate that starts on the wrong foot, then quickly goes viral. Through a series of podcasts, Jungian oriented literature professor Carolina and Spanish cognitive scientist Alberto face off on the nature of dreams, the utility of romantic love, whether a frog must be kissed or flung, and other eclectic topics that ultimately pose the question: Can an open and honest dialogue between two people with very different perspectives lead to not only mutual understanding but love?

Invocation will be available for pre-order in December online and in bookstores.  Check back on this site for more information.



Two artists—Béa Gonzalez, a novelist, and Jay Redelsperger, a singer-songwriter, sit down to talk about a subject they are both passionate about—depth psychology and how it applies to the artistic process. The two work through some of the ideas CG Jung and his followers proposed, and explore how they see them playing out in the world and in their own lives. The podcast will launch its first episode on November 29 and new episodes will be released every Tuesday after that.

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