Events & Workshops

The Sophia Cycles offers a number of programs aimed at exploring myth, meaning and story.  For more information, please email us at

As human beings we all long to define our unique path in the world.  Identifying that path is often difficult, however, as the culture offers few clues that apply directly to us as individuals. One way we can begin to understand ourselves is through an exploration of the archetypal energies that are operating in our lives.   Archetypal energies reside in our unconscious minds and are often difficult to identify using our rational faculties.   What is needed is a creative approach to our personal narratives—one which allows us to unearth the hidden currents that run our lives.  Join us for an afternoon workshop designed to uncover these currents so that you can begin to shape the narrative of your life in a more conscious way.

Archetypal Journeying
Sophia Seminars

The Sophia Seminar group has been meeting for ten years to explore the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, James Hollis and many others.  Please contact us for more information. 

Flinging the Frog Lectures


Ongoing -- Please check back here for dates


What does the story of a Frog Prince have to tell us about how we have misread history? What can an undershirt reveal about who we are? What does a Ring have to do with the forging of a new world? In Flinging The Frog, Béa Gonzalez explores how the stories we tell determine the shape of our lives.