The Sophia Cycles

The Sophia Cycles includes a number of components aimed at addressing what many of our wisest philosophers think is the missing link in the world---feminine wisdom (Sophia is the Greek word for this kind of wisdom). Feminine wisdom or Sophia type wisdom is very different from the one that is offered up by our academic and business models. Sophia wisdom is Holistic versus Reductionist, it is aimed at connecting in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural way as well as across gender lines---which means that feminine wisdom is not the exclusive domain of women and in fact, many men are very adept in approaching the world in this way.

The Sophia Cycles are made up of ongoing seminars, lecture series and travel experiences that allow you to go in search of meaning in some, at times, unlikely places---Jungian psychology, quantum physics, in storytelling and in myth, in history and mathematics, in the angles of an ancient cathedral and inside the intricacies of Gregorian chant.

Programs include the ongoing Sophia Seminars which will meet regularly to explore meaning through the vehicle of great works of art, music and literature; The Sophia Dialogues-ongoing lectures and seminars that bring together some of the cutting edge thinkers and their ideas for sessions of paradigm shifting; and Sophia Journeys, which will offer a number of organized trips and retreats to some beautiful destinations in the world to discuss the many shapes meaning assume. Participants will be encouraged to journey inwards as well as out while taking the time to linger over many good meals, savouring conversations with new friends along the way.

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